Newbury-based company partner Chris Ganley Racing

December 8, 2017
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Newbury-based company partner Chris Ganley Racing

Chris Ganley Racing is proud to announce Bigger Brighter Bolder Ltd (BBB) as a new partner for the 2018 season.


With thirty years of experience in dealing with human behaviours, from fear to performance, BBB now works almost exclusively with ambitious business owners and to install the mindset for success.


George Swift and Tracey Miller, founders and owners of the company, have helped people achieve extreme business growth through their BBB Success groups. These groups were developed to give people the environment to leverage their potential and harness their entrepreneurial and competitive spirit through developing their mindset, attitude and behaviour.


George and Tracey added, “We were so inspired by Chris’s tenacity, bravery and refusal to see his disability as a limitation to living the life he chooses, that we instantly knew we wanted to help him achieve his big dream of riding the TT.


“Both his attitude and audacious goal align with BBB Success Group values. We teach how to break free from self-imposed limitations and dare to set and achieve big goals that set people up for the success they want. Chris is a living embodiment of that core philosophy, and that’s why we are on board and part of the team.”


Chris will attend BBB Success Groups and receive one-to-one sessions with mindset mechanic and coach George, which will help him become the best performing rider that he can be and get the best results during the season.


Chris said, “It’s great to have George and Tracey from Bigger Brighter Bolder on board for the 2018 season. Having the correct mindset for the races is vital if I want to achieve my goal of racing in the 2023 Isle of Man TT. During this season my whole focus will be on working towards that goal, and I’m proud to have the support of BBB to help me do that.”

To find out more about Bigger Brighter Bolder visit


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